Double Doors, Inc.

Double Doors raises awareness and funds for other non-profit groups fighting human trafficking and homelessness both locally and internationally. We are hosting a live music concert on Sunday, June 30th, 2019 here at Dillon’s Woods and in the Bush Tabernacle. Bands will be coming from across the nation joining dozens of non profits, social services agencies and law enforcement. Come sing, dance and help us raise the voices of those who are yearning to be free and help fight this evil that is attacking our community. Learn more and purchase tickets at [Note: The photos below are of the artists coming to the June 30th event – not playing at the April 27th Music and Arts Festival except on the table display monitor. I can bring my guitar and jam a little at the booth if that is desired but they are the musicians!]


Holly Starr

Merlon Devine

Remedy Drive