Farm School

Farm School, is a unique childcare opportunity where preschool aged children get to plant, grow & harvest several fruits and vegetables throughout the season to take home and share with their families. Each child gets to spend more time outside than the average childcare provides all while preparing them for kindergarten by developing the child emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially. Many parents have expressed their desire for their children to learn where their food comes from, eat healthier, and stay active. With this farm curriculum, each day the children will be outdoors in the garden planting seeds, taking care of their plants, and then harvesting their bounty at the end of the season. Many are so excited about their hard work that they are more likely to eat the fruits and vegetables that they have grown. Not only will they be learning about produce, but they will also be collecting eggs, feeding and taking care of a different farm animal each month, and getting an excellent education with qualified teachers to prepare for higher education.


Girl with Basket