Hungry on Monday

Hungry on Monday: The Making of a Band

Hungry on Monday is a homegrown, alt-rock band that merges funk, hip hop, and some elements of jazz to create a fresh, electrifying sound. In the short time since their inception, the band has gone from playing the Loudoun Valley High School auditorium to The Hamilton, a premier venue in Washington DC.

In many ways, Hungry on Monday began like every other garage band. Kim Poncin, Martha Dahlman, Sandi Preston and Karen Bruecken Thoden shuttled their young sons to music lessons with Frank Keim of Loudoun Music in Lovettsville. Noah Poncin studied guitar and vocals, Nathan Dahlman drums, Michael Preston bass and Aidan Bruecken guitar. Beth Gallegos drove Ted Gallegos to Shenandoah University in Winchester and Shamrock Music Shoppe in Purcellville for piano and drum lessons. Like most kids today, these five boys were involved in various activities from the Boy Scouts to sports and LEGO building but their true passion soon emerged – music. Even as children, each boy listened to music intently, created it, experimented with it and used it as a tool of self expression. Before long, the boys were dragging instruments, amps, and cables up and down basement stairs throughout homes in town. Many of them tried out different combinations of musician friends, often playing covers together at coffee shops, like Market Street, where classmates would cram in and cheer them on. Like working a puzzle, eventually all the pieces came together in the form of five talented young men and a well-received sound.

Throughout their early years, the boys were teaching themselves other instruments. (During their performance they often demonstrate their musical versatility by rotating through each other’s instrument to a thrilled audience). In addition, Michael taught himself studio recording and Ted taught himself music software. Aidan and Michael have recently earned certificates in music production and technical recording and Noah is about to do the same. Collectively, they explored and trained in many genres: classical, jazz, bluegrass, contemporary and experimental.

The earliest incarnation of the band was three childhood friends: Nathan, Noah, and Aidan. With mad songwriting skills, Noah’s standout voice, Nathan’s impressive rhythms and Aidan’s ability to shred and coax softer emotions from his guitar, Hungry on Monday immediately took off locally. Michael was sought after by the guys for his tremendous bass playing and incredible musical ear. Ted was the last to join the group adding freewheeling keys to an already successful sound. Since last fall they have been hard at work. If not performing or recording they are composing late into the night. They presently have two EPS (Hungry on Monday and Hideaway) and one in the works. They also have two music videos and have played in over 20 venues to include: The Tally Ho in Leesburg, Rams Head in Annapolis,  The Soundry in Columbia, Maryland, and The Hamilton in DC. They have performed for numerous fundraisers and private parties and are played on  radio stations in the US and Canada. Their music can be heard on all music platforms like YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and more.

So what makes a successful band? The answer isn’t straightforward but it includes lessons and parent support, an available garage or basement space, a vehicle big enough to lug equipment, genetics (which most likely drives the passion), mutual respect and a special connection among band members.