Tim Peterson

“I love it!’ Tim’s signature exclamation is testament to the enthusiasm he brings to the DaVinci Studio each week. Tim is one of a handful of regulars who have been with the DaVinci program since its inception by Pam Oliver in 2001. He arrived to the program with several notebooks full of drawings. He then embraced acrylics with gusto, and has also worked with watercolors. His attention to detail in paintings of animals and landscapes has led to some successful commissions. He enjoys the freedom and flow of paint, and has added it to the materials he uses at home. Tim is a big fan of Bob Ross and likes to learn new techniques to add to his repertoire at DaVinci sessions.


“Cold Alaska” by Tim Peterson 16″x20″ acrylic NFS

“The Old Cabin” by Tim Peterson 11″x14″ acrylic $75